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Allphase Thermal, Your Cambridge Bed Bugs Exterminator

Eliminate bed bugs fast with Allphase Thermal, the Cambridge bed bugs exterminator that offers reliable, non-toxic solutions guaranteed.

Allphase Thermal uses heat to kill bed bugs, as well as their eggs and larvae, in a single visit. A natural alternative to chemical pesticides, our advanced heat treatments are proven 100% effective, delivering powerful results without harming your health or the environment.

If you suspect an infestation in your home, don’t wait. Call today and get it done right, safely and efficiently the first time with Allphase Thermal.


The Quick and Cost-Effective Bed Bug Treatment

Save time and money with Allphase Thermal.

Your experienced Cambridge bed bugs exterminator delivers more, for less with a guaranteed one-day bed bug solution. While pesticide use, which does not affect bed bug eggs and to which bed bug adults are becoming increasingly immune, requires several visits at additional cost to fully eradicate the population, a simple, one-time bed bug heat treatment can take as little as 6 hours to complete. All but a few household items should remain in place throughout the treatment, so you can worry less and enjoy a better night’s sleep the very same day.


The Most Powerful Bed Bug Treatment on the Market Today

At Allphase Thermal, we specialize in killing bed bugs with heat, delivering potent, practical solutions that get the job done. This means we never compromise when it comes to the methods and materials we work with. Your specialized Cambridge bed bugs exterminator is proud to use Heat Assault, the made-in-Canada bed bug heat treatment solution proven 100% effective and the most powerful system on the market today. We treat your home at an average of 145F, enough heat to kill most bed bugs instantly, we sometimes go higher if the situation calls for it, rest assured it is still safe for use on most household furnishings and electronics. For a complete list of personal items which should be removed or stored during treatment, and to view our recommendations for the prevention of a possible re-infestation, please consult our reference guide, here.


The Environmentally Friendly Solution

Unlike chemical pesticides, a non-toxic propylene glycol bed bug heat treatment is gentle on your home, your health, and the environment. While the long-term effects of pesticides remain unknown, their use has been linked to potentially serious conditions especially among seniors, pregnant women and the very young, as well as companion animals. By killing bed bugs with heat, Allphase Thermal provides a safe, natural alternative for your family and for your peace of mind, with great results every time.


Preparing Your Home for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We ask that during your home heat treatment, only a qualified Allphase Thermal Cambridge bed bugs exterminator be present in the home. It is strongly recommended that prior to a visit from one of our trained technicians, temperature sensitive items such as oil paintings, candles, vinyl records and musical instruments be stored in containers in a garage, or on a balcony or porch; other items which may be affected such as cosmetics, plants and some medications may be placed in the refrigerator.

Killing bed bugs with heat rather than harsh chemicals means less risk to people, pets and property. In fact, once the bed bug heat treatment is complete, it’s safe for you, your family and your pets to re-enter your home immediately afterwards, and windows can be opened to cool the area at this time. It is important, however, that in order to avoid risk of re-infestation, items which have been removed from the house should stay outside the area for a minimum of 8 months, and should be thoroughly inspected for the presence of bed bugs and their eggs prior to reintroduction. The family vehicle should also be professionally cleaned, and care should be taken not to transfer a new bed bug population to your home from a hotel while travelling.


Discreet, Professional Service

We understand that while infestations are becoming increasingly commonplace across the globe, dealing with bed bugs can be an especially trying time for you and your family. Along with the potential for bites, rashes and irritation, the unwelcome presence of bed bugs may also cause sleep disturbances and feelings of anxiety. It is our goal at Allphase Thermal to provide timely, effective solutions and the highest level of customer service. A qualified Cambridge bed bugs exterminator delivers superior results, and will always treat our customers with dignity and respect.

At Allphase Thermal, your privacy is important to us. We will never sell your personal information, and the vehicle and equipment we use are unmarked for the utmost discretion. Don’t suffer the stress of a bed bug infestation any longer. We can help. Call the bed bug heat treatment specialists today.


Canine Bed Bug Detection Services

Find bed bugs fast. We offer efficient, effective and affordable canine bed bug detection services to our valued customers at a nominal fee. Specifically trained to identify the presence of bed bugs and their eggs, a bed bug sniffing dog works with a skilled handler to quickly and easily confirm or rule out the presence of bed bugs in your home. An optional service not included in our bed bug treatment cost, canine detection offers an astounding 94% accuracy rating and is just one of the ways Allphase Thermal offers more for our valued customers.


Our Guarantee

As your professional, affordable Cambridge bed bugs exterminator, Allphase Thermal is pleased to offer all customers our exclusive limited 90-day 100% guarantee on in-home treatment.


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Call now and get back to normal with Allphase Thermal, the safe, eco-friendly solution that uses heat to kill bed bugs in a single day. Contact our office at 1-855-688-HEAT toll-free, or submit your online request for a free estimate today. We are proud to serve the Tri-Cities, Hamilton, Niagara and the GTA.

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