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Your Local Hamilton Bed Bug Exterminators

No one wants to face a bed bug infestation in their home. It’s inconvenient, unhealthy and potentially embarrassing. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, give Allphase  Solutions a call at 647-688-4328 or drop Mike a note at He’ll be glad to set up an appointment for an inspection and quotation. Mike and Lorraine Lindale have built a team of leading local bed bug exterminators and a successful business serving the GTA and surrounding areas. Their experienced and professionally trained team will work carefully in your home to eradicate bed bugs in all stages of their development; eggs, nymphs and adults. We’re proud of our bed bug heat treatment success rate and you’ll be pleased to know that we guarantee our work for 90 days.

At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we offer a safe, environmentally sound solution to a bed bug infestation. Some local bed bug exterminators use chemicals to rid your home of bed bugs. This method does not kill the eggs and can require several follow up treatments to finish the job. The chemicals other companies use may also be unhealthy and be of concern to people suffering from allergies or other sensitivities.


Do You have A Bed Bug Problem?

If you think you have bed bugs give us a call. We’ll be glad to inspect your home and determine if there is a problem. Our team of trained experts can perform a thorough visual inspection, or, when requested, we can also deploy our canine bed bug detection service. As you may know, dogs have a smelling ability much more refined than humans. Just as dogs can be used to sniff out drugs or track criminals, we can use our canine team to quickly locate a bed bug problem. Our dogs are so well trained that they can even identify a single egg. When we use our sniffer dogs there is a small fee-based canine bed bug detection cost, but the results are nothing short of spectacular, with an accuracy rating of over 94%!

When you want results, call Bed Bug Heat Exterminator; the respected bed bug exterminators in Hamilton.


Hamilton Bed Bug Exterminators

Studies have proven that bed bugs can be killed with heat. We have the equipment that allows us to raise the temperature in your home to 62°C (145°F) long enough to kill bed bugs, as well as their pupae, larvae and eggs. Some Hamilton bed bug exterminators use chemicals which don’t kill all the eggs. As a result, the treatment must be repeated. This increases your cost and inconvenience. Our superior heating method employs eco-friendly propylene glycol, an item used widely in cosmetics and shampoos. It provides a safe and effective way to eliminate all of the bed bugs in your home. Our treatment is odorless, quiet and quick.

Bed bugs like human bodies and warmth. They most often live in the areas in your home where you would like to relax or sleep. Bedding, mattresses, and sofas are prime areas for bed bugs. But they may also be found in dressers, picture frames, lamps and other furniture.

As the leading Hamilton bed bug extermiantors, we deploy a number of heating and dispersal units in strategic locations in your home. We monitor the heated condition of your home during our extermination process in two ways:

  • Temp Sensors send reports to our mobile monitoring station.
  • By entering your home every 30-45 minutes with infra-red thermal guns to measure the
    temperature around the sensors to ensure that there are no cool spots.

This 2 pronged monitoring methodology ensures that the infected areas receive the appropriate amount of heat and treatment, and has been proven to be effective in eliminating infestations in a single visit. It has led to a continuous bed bug heat treatment success rate which has gotten Bed Bug Heat Exterminator recognition as leaders in Hamilton bed bug extermination.


Licensed Hamilton Bed Bug Exterminators 

Whether you use one of our expert technicians or our effective canine bed bug detection service to understand the extent of your bed bug problem, Bed Bug Heat Exterminator will work with you to determine the best time to exterminate the bed bugs in your home. We’ll provide you with a list of items that should be removed from your home such as plants, pets, any pressurized cans, musical instruments, candles and a variety of other items. Our team will arrive on time, explain the extermination process again, make certain that your home is ready for our effective Heat Assault process prior to commencing the job.

We have been the leading bed bug exterminators in Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara and other major urban areas in Southern Ontario for a number of years. Individual home owners and municipalities have come to trust our reliable performance and efficient services. So when it’s time to call the pros, get in touch with the reliable bed bug exterminators of Bed Bug Heat Exterminator at 647-688-4328. We’ll be glad to hear from you, and you’ll be glad you made the call.


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