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Bed Bug Heat Exterminator is a professional, full-service in-home heat treatment for bed bugs. Bed Bug Heat Exterminator bed bug exterminators never use chemicals, toxins or anything that could cause damage to your home or loved ones (however we ask that you do remove certain objects from the rooms being treated.) As a 100 % natural, safe, and effective solution for bed bug extermination, Bed Bug Heat Exterminator make certain to kill the bedbugs larvae and eggs in one visit, a guarantee that cannot be made by other exterminators who use pesticide-based treatments.

Others cannot make this guarantee because:

  • Pesticides are losing their effectiveness; bed bugs are building immunity.
  • Pesticides do not kill eggs and therefore require multiple visits to eliminate.
  • Long-term health effects of pesticide exposure to humans and pets remain

Using heat to kill bed bugs is the ideal first, and last, approach. If you have discovered bed bugs in your home, the problem will not resolve itself. Luckily, the solution is easy when you call to book your bed bugs heat treatment from your local experts at Bed Bug Heat Exterminator. It’s odorless, quiet, and quick.

If you want to get the job done right, safely and efficiently, use heat. Use Bed Bug Heat Exterminator.


Do You Have Bed Bugs? | Bed Bug Heat Exterminator Bed Bug Exterminators ∙ Kitchener

Despite the myth that bed bugs are virtually invisible, it is in fact possible to detect them with the naked eye. It is typically more common, however, to notice their presence if you have sustained their bite or observed their waste along the seams of a mattress, on a box spring or headboard. Hardy and often difficult to control through DIY methods, bed bugs may live for up to 8 months.

Bed bug bites are identifiable by their two distinct patterns– typically a group of 3 slightly raised pruritic sores which are red in colour and which present themselves in a straight line or triangular shape. A large number of bites could reflect a more serious infestation.

Bed bugs can be found living close to their preferred hosts, the people in your home. In fact, they are typically found within about 16 feet, usually in warm, darkened areas such as bedding, drapery, and in the nooks and crannies near where you are. The first step in bed bug control is becoming aware of the problem, either by identifying the bite of the bed bug or the evidence they leave behind. Mattress seams, box springs, and headboards are some, but not all of the typical hiding places where you may find an unwanted bed bug population in your home. Despite their name, bed bugs may also reside in areas other than mattresses and bedding. They are often found in picture frames, dressers, lamps and even the occasional laptop if stored near your sleeping area.


Using Bed Bug Detection Dogs to Detect Bed Bugs

When you schedule a bed bugs heat treatment with Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, you can expect a visit within 24 hours. The team will undergo a thorough home inspection in order to provide an accurate assessment and quote. Canine bed bug detection service is an effective way to pick up the scent of even a single bed bug or bed bug egg which may be overlooked upon a visual inspection. Bed bug dog detection is an additional service not included in our visual inspections package, but we are happy to provide trained canine bed bug detection to our valued customers at an affordable price. Not only does this inspection method hold a 94% accuracy rating, it is also another way we keep our services 100% eco-friendly! The use of trained bed bug detection dogs enable the team to identify and target infestations within your home and properly treat the situation.


What to Expect With an Bed Bug Heat Exterminator Bed Bug Heat Treatment | Bed Bug Exterminators ∙ Kitchener

Bed Bug Heat Exterminator use the best and most effective bed bug heat treatment available in order to serve you better, delivering a one-step solution in a single day.

Heat Assault is made in Canada and stands as the number one brand of bed bug heat treatment on the market. Known for its 100 % bed bug heat treatment success rate, Heat Assault is the go-to solution used by Bed Bug Heat Exterminator. A system that uses extreme heat to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs, Heat Assault affords 3 times the power of electric equipment, treating the home at an average temperature of 145°F (well above the bed bug “kill zone” of 122°F), and is capable of treating a residential home with an area of up to 5,000 square feet.

While some bed bug removal cost extra, we simply deliver more. With Heat Assault, Bed Bug Heat Exterminator gets the job done, by killing bed bugs with heat, the first time!


Treat Bed Bugs with Heat | Bed Bugs Exterminator Kitchener| Discreet and with a 100% Guarantee

Bed Bug Heat Exterminator understand that a bed bug infestation in the home can create stress for you and your family. That’s why they offer service excellence which is not only effective but equally discreet, treating you and yours with respect and the highest level of customer service. Our trained bed bug exterminators are equipped to deal quickly and effectively with your unique situation with dignity and without compromise. Bed Bug Heat Exterminator respects your privacy and will never sell your information to other companies, and their trucks and equipment are unmarked to ensure complete discretion.

Bed Bug Heat Exterminator are proud to afford valued customers the benefit of an economical, 100% effective bed bug heat treatment for bed bugs and their eggs, as well as a 90-day guarantee. Call 647-688-HEAT (4328).


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