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Bed Bugs: Milton Exterminators

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining a clean home does not mean that your risk of a bed bug infestation is reduced. You can bring them home with you on your clothes, furniture you’ve just purchased, or even luggage after being away on vacation. These little pests hide in dark places and, unfortunately for us and our pets, feed on blood.


Signs to look for

Typical signs you have a bed bug infestation include having welts that are extremely itchy and scattered, as well as finding little specks of blood on your sheets. If untreated, some people may develop serious reactions to bed bug bites, including difficulty breathing, swollen tongue, fever, nausea, irregular heartbeat, blisters or infection from scratching.

When it comes to your furry friends, bed bugs are not well-equipped to sift through fur to get to your pet’s skin and bite. However, some may still manage to find a way and your dog or cat may be burdened with irritating bites you could easily confuse for tick or flea bites.

That being said, it’s critical to the health of your family and pets to get rid of these pests as soon as possible! At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we can not only detect whether you have bed bugs faster than any pest control company, but we also guarantee to kill bed bugs and their eggs quicker!


How We’re Unique & More Efficient

There are two main elements that set us apart from exterminators: canine bed bug detection and heat treatment.


Detecting Bed Bugs with our K9 Unit

If you are starting to wonder whether your home is infested with bed bugs, Milton extermination companies typically offer to have a person inspect your home. At Allphase, we take inspection 1 step further by offering canine bed bug detection services. Our dogs are highly trained to detect bed bugs and when compared to people, dogs are much more efficient, accurate, and quick.

On average, using canine bed bug detection services is quicker, more accurate, non-invasive, does not require dismantling of furniture and can detect the eggs and nymphs of bed bugs at a 94% accuracy rate.


Killing Bed Bugs with Heat Treatment

When it comes to bed bugs, Milton exterminators not only use harmful pesticides that are toxic for your family and can potentially damage items in your home, but they may not kill all of your bed bugs. Milton exterminators that use chemicals may be back more than once because they didn’t kill them all in one shot – but we can! How? We use heat, not chemicals.

At Allphase, we use propylene glycol during heat treatment. We heat this non-toxic compound in our trailer and pump it through rubber insulated hoses to heaters strategically placed throughout your home. Bed bugs immediately die when they are exposed to 54.5°C (130°F), so we heat your home to an average temperature of 62°C (145°F) to guarantee adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs are all killed. While treatment is being done, we meticulously monitor the temperature of your home.

You may be wondering why using heat is better than chemical pesticides and we’re happy to explain.

  • No damage to your home or personal belongings: If you have bed bugs, Milton exterminators will likely ask you to remove or store valuables – especially electronics – to help ensure the chemicals don’t damage them. We will ask you to remove specific items from the rooms being treated, but nowhere near as much as you would have to with other exterminators. Heat treatment will not damage your home or personal belongings like chemical pesticides would.
  • Eco-friendly: The compound we heat during treatment, propylene glycol, is a synthetic organic compound, making it a natural product that’s safe for your family and pets.
  • More effective: Your home has been infested with bed bugs and Milton extermination companies are now at your beck and call. However, exterminators that use chemical treatment tend to be less effective not only because bed bugs have built immunities to them, but pesticides don’t kill bed bug eggs.  Our heat treatment will kill all traces of bed bugs: adults, nymphs, and eggs. Chemicals don’t typically kill all stages of life, which means those eggs will hatch one day, you’ll have a bed bug problem again, and you’ll be calling an exterminator…again. In addition, heat can get into every little nook and cranny of your home. With an unsurpassed bed bug heat treatment success rate, this means that we’ll kill all stages of a bed bug’s life no matter where they’re hiding. It also means you will only need us to be there once to get the job done, unlike other exterminators killing bed bugs.
  • Get back in your home quicker: Not only is our bed bug heat treatment process faster at killing bed bugs, but Milton exterminators use chemical pesticides that take some time to subside. Because our process uses an organic odourless compound, you can settle back into your home much quicker when we’re done.


Schedule Allphase Today!

Bed Bug Heat Exterminator is proud to offer canine bed bug detection services and bed bug heat treatment in Milton and the surrounding areas. Our services will not only get the job done quicker, but better. We will save you time, money and most important, protect the health of your family and pets.

If you have any questions about or would like to schedule any of our services, call us toll-free at 1-855-688-HEAT (4328), e-mail us, or fill out our online contact form.

Allphase is proud to be a superior provider of bed bug detection services and bed bug heat treatment in Milton and surrounding areas. Let’s get rid of those pests once and for all today!

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