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    At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we offer a safe, effective and environmentally friendly solution for bed bugs. Heat treatments are 100% guaranteed, and can take as little as 6 hours, so you and your household can get back to normal after a single visit from our experienced team.

    Don’t wait. Get results with Bed Bug Heat Exterminator. If you suspect an infestation, we urge you to contact our specialized local bed bug exterminators to Request an inspection today.

    Our Services

    Bed Bug Inspections

    When you schedule a bed bugs heat treatment with Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we will visit you within 24 hours for a thorough home inspection in order to provide an accurate assessment and quote. Our canine bed bug detection service features highly trained K9 units, able to pick up the scent of even a single bed bug or bed bug egg to an impressive 94% accuracy overall. This ensures that we can pinpoint infestations within your home, and properly treat the situation.

    Mobile Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

    Bed Bug Heat Exterminator is pleased to offer a professional, mobile bed bugs heat treatment service to our valued customers in the GTA and Southern Ontario including, but not exclusive to, the cities of Guelph, London, Niagara and the Tri-City Region. This option is also ideal for people who are moving houses and wish to remove the risk of bed bug transfer between properties.

    In-Home Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

    Bed Bug Heat Exterminator offers a professional, full-service in-home bed bugs heat treatment exclusively for residential and mobile homes. If you have discovered bed bugs in your home, the problem will not be resolved on its own. Thankfully, the solution is easy when you call to book your bed bugs heat treatment from your local experts at Bed Bug Heat Exterminator.

    Bed Bug Dogs Detection

    We are pleased to offer our customers the option of canine bed bug detection services.

    Known for an olfactory system many times more sensitive than a human’s, dogs have a long history with police, fire and rescue services based on these superior scent detection abilities. Perhaps not surprisingly, these capabilities can extend with training to include bed bug scent detection with incredible accuracy.

    Eradicate Bed Bugs the Natural Way

    Solve an infestation sooner with the eco-friendly bed bug killer. Kinder to the environment and to your family’s health than the traditional bed bug spray, natural bed bug control through heat treatment delivers better results in less time and without the potentially harmful effects sometimes associated with chemical methods.

    Since their introduction, many pesticides have begun to lose their effectiveness against some bed bug communities due to a developed immunity; additionally, the long-term health effects of pesticide exposure to humans and pets remain unknown. Since chemical bed bug spray is ineffective against bed bug eggs, several visits are often required. When you choose Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, you benefit from a superior bed bug heat treatment 100% success rate and the peace of mind that comes with your choice of a natural bed bug killer.

    Where Are Bed Bugs Hiding in Your Home?

    The short answer? Usually, not too far from their preferred hosts; the people in your home. In fact, they are typically found within about 16 feet, usually in warm, darkened areas such as bedding, drapery, and in the nooks and crannies near where you are. The first step in bed bug control is becoming aware of the problem, either by identifying the bite of the bed bug or the evidence they leave behind. Mattress seams, box springs, and headboards are some, but not all of the typical hiding places where you may find an unwanted bed bug population in your home. Despite their name, bed bugs may also gather in areas other than mattresses and bedding, and are often discovered in picture frames, dressers, lamps and even the occasional laptop if stored near your sleeping area.

    Bed Bug Identification, Bite Patterns & Life Cycle

    Despite the popular myth that bed bugs are virtually invisible, it is in fact possible to detect them with the naked eye. It is typically more common, however, to notice their presence if you have sustained their bite or observed their waste along the seams of a mattress, on a box spring or headboard. These marks are the result of consumed human blood and moulted skin of the insects.While difficult or nearly impossible to see when they are newly hatched, they develop an apple seed shape (somewhere between the size of a flea and a tick) as adults and a brown colour as a result of feeding. Hardy and often difficult to control through DIY methods, bed bugs may live for up to 8 months.

    Bed bug bites differ from wounds or stings from other insects and are usually identifiable by their two distinct patterns; typically a group of 3 slightly raised pruritic sores which are red in colour and which present themselves in a straight line or triangular shape. Typically, you won’t feel a bed bug’s bite as it happens, making it possible for them to feed while you are asleep. A large number of bites could reflect a more serious infestation. Some people may experience an allergic reaction to bed bug bites, making the area appear rash-like and irritated; you may choose to treat the area on the advice of your doctor with a topical antibiotic or antihistamine ointment available with or without a prescription.

    In order to deal with the problem most effectively, at Bed Bug Heat Exterminator we seek to understand the patterns and life cycles of the bed bugs, including their habits and hiding places. If you are not sure if you may have a bed bug infestation, we encourage you to refer to our Bed Bug Info section photographs, or to give our experts a call today for your complimentary bed bug inspection with treatment booking today.

    Why Choose a Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs?

    It’s simple. Heat treatment is your safest and best weapon against a bed bug infestation, and the only way that is proven to eradicate an entire bed bug population in the home in a single day.

    At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we are proud to deliver a superior alternative to traditional chemical bed bug spray. Offering a bed bug heat treatment success rate guaranteed at 100% for a minimum of 90 days, Bed Bug Heat Exterminator is the eco-friendly bed bug killer you can trust.

    Your well-being is important to us. We understand that you may have concerns about chemicals in and around the home, especially if you have health concerns, are pregnant, or have young children. Not only are Bed Bug Heat Exterminator bed bug exterminators cost-effective, but also conscientious, delivering superior results using heat to kill bed bugs, not the harsh chemical agents associated with some other treatments. Heat has also been shown to be much more practical than freezing, a method which takes several weeks to take effect since the insect will typically go dormant when temperatures drop.

    While many bed bugs have developed a tolerance over the years to chemical treatments, high heat remains the most potent an efficient way to eliminate the problem affordably, and in less time.

    We Use the Most Powerful Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs on the Market

    At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we use only the best bed bugs heat treatment available in order to serve you better, delivering a one-step solution in a single day.

    As your local bed bug exterminator, we are proud to use Heat Assault, the Canadian-made, number one brand of heat treatment for bed bugs on the market known for its 100 % success rate. A system that uses extreme heat to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs, Heat Assault affords 3 times the power of electric equipment, treating the home at a maximum temperature of 145°F (well above the bed bug “kill zone” of 122°F), and is capable of treating a residential home with an area of up to 5 000 square feet.

    While some bed bug exterminators cost extra, we simply deliver more. With Heat Assault, Bed Bug Heat Exterminator gets the job done right the first time, every time. We pride ourselves on being the most cost-effective bed bug heat treatment exterminators in Ontario.

    Bed Bug Prevention

    Though it is virtually impossible to bed bug proof your home, there are steps you can take to help avoid an infestation. Typically, bed bugs will enter a home via luggage, clothing and second hand furniture items you may have brought with you from your travels. Therefore, one of the most effective ways of preventing an infestation in your home is to avoid your personal items coming into contact with affected areas while abroad. A quick check along mattress seams, box springs and headboard may help determine the presence of bed bugs, and it is advisable to refrain from placing luggage directly on the bed or the floor. When in doubt, your best option may be to change rooms as soon as possible.

    Preparing for Your Visit from the Bed Bug Exterminators at Bed Bug Heat Exterminator

    We’ve made it easy to prepare for your visit from the professional bed bug exterminators at Bed Bug Heat Exterminator by providing a detailed checklist for you. Since heat treatment is a more natural bed bug killer, you may expect less damage to property than with chemical systems, however there are exceptions such as products which will melt or deteriorate due to increased temperature. Some items such as musical instruments, vinyl records, oil paintings and any flammable or pressurized products should be stored safely in containers outside the home (such as garage or porch), whereas others such as food, wine bottles and carbonated drinks, medications, some plants and cosmetics can be placed in the refrigerator.

    A few other pointers to remember include the deactivation of any sprinkler system, smoke detectors and security alarms for the duration of the treatment. Additionally, turning off air conditioning and ventilation systems, closing all windows and placing any plastic or vinyl blinds on the floor prior to the application of heat is recommended. For additional important instructions regarding clothing and electronics, please refer to our heat treatment preparation page.

    Please note that your vehicle should be professionally cleaned before returning inside the home after treatment in order to prevent re-introduction of bed bug populations. Failure to do so may result in invalidation of guarantee.

    For your comfort and safety, it is essential that any residents of the home, including family pets, not be present in the house at the time of heat treatment. It is our policy that only the professionals at Bed Bug Heat Exterminator be allowed into the premises while heat equipment is engaged.

    Professional, Discreet Natural Bed Bug Control Service

    At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we understand that a bed bug infestation in the home can create stress for you and your family. That’s why we offer service excellence which is not only effective but equally discreet, treating you and yours with respect and the highest level of customer service. Our trained bed bug exterminators are equipped to deal quickly and effectively with your unique situation with dignity and without compromise. We respect your privacy: we will never sell your information to other companies, and our trucks and equipment are unmarked to ensure complete discretion.

    If you are experiencing a bed bug problem in your home, we invite you to call our toll- free number for a free assessment when you book a bed bugs heat treatment with us. Bed Bug Heat Exterminator is pleased to be of service to:

    • GTA
    • Niagara Region
    • Kitchener-Waterloo
    • Hamilton

    Specialty Identification by Bed Bug Dogs

    We are pleased to offer a bed bug detection dogs service. An additional service not included in our free inspection, trained canine bed bug detection is offered to our valued customers at an affordable price. Not only does this inspection method hold a 94% accuracy rating, it is also another way we keep our services 100% eco-friendly!

    Steps to Avoid Re-infestation

    Haven’t gotten around to spring cleaning this year? Now would be a great time to clear out unnecessary items from the home, since clutter or closely packed household items may impede the effectiveness of the bed bugs heat treatment.

    Once your home has been treated by heat to kill bed bugs, it is important to reintroduce with care any items which you had removed from the home prior to your visit from Bed Bug Heat Exterminator. We recommend only bringing back inside the items which are essential to your home, ideally no sooner than 8 months after treatment, and not without first thoroughly checking these pieces for bed bugs and their eggs. Also, remember in future to continue to be vigilant when travelling to avoid placing luggage directly on hotel beds or floors (and to thoroughly clean luggage upon your return home); if a quick visual check upon arrival signals the presence of bed bugs, it may be advisable to alert management and make alternate lodging plans.

    Bed Bug Heat Exterminator offers bed bug encasements for your mattress and box spring, specially designed for bed bug control for new or previously affected bed sets in order to reduce or eliminate the possibility of re-infestation.

    Our Guarantee

    At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we’re proud to afford our valued customers the benefit of an economical, 100% effective treatment against bed bugs and their eggs, as well as an exclusive 90-day guarantee.

    Contact Bed Bug Heat Exterminator’ Professional Bed Bug Exterminators

    Rest assured with Bed Bug Heat Exterminator. Call our professional bed bug exterminators in your area at 647-688-4328 today to request your free inspection when you book your effective and eco-friendly heat treatment today.