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Bed Bugs Dogs Detection Services

Better bed bug control starts with early detection. If you suspect that there may be an infestation present in your home, the experienced technicians at Bed Bug Heat Exterminator can help. We are pleased to provide 24-hour access to affordable, certified bed bug sniffing dogs, trained to quickly and correctly identify even a single bed bug egg where you live.

Bed Bug Heat Exterminator is your heat extermination specialist offering both professional visual inspection and canine bed bug detection services in addition to our eco-friendly treatment trusted throughout the GTA and Southern Ontario.

Superior Scent Detection with 94% Accuracy

For many years, dogs with their superior sense of smell have offered tremendous support to police, fire and search and rescue operations. Now, man’s best friend has also become a powerful ally in the fight against bed bugs.

Our K9 bed bug detection service dogs have been exceptionally trained to identify the presence of bed bugs and their eggs in your home, and have proven to have an incredible 94% accuracy rating.

How Bed Bug Dog Detection Works

As anyone who has tried to conceal a tasty treat from Fido already knows, the canine sense of smell is many times more sensitive than that of a human’s. Incredibly, your pet has approximately 2 million olfactory receptors working to interpret the world around them.

With the help of their highly skilled trainer and a capable nose, bed bug dogs are your best weapon against an infestation in the home. Working with a single dog or a pair of canine partners, our trainer facilitates and verifies the animal’s search of your place of residence. Friendly and reliable, these specialized working dogs are trained to be thorough, and will sit and indicate the presence of bed bugs when and where they are found in the home. Should the qualified handler confirm the presence of bed bugs in the identified areas, professional extermination, such as the guaranteed effective Bed Bug Heat Exterminator heat treatment, will be recommended.

Where Bed Bugs Hide May Surprise You

In spite of their name, bed bugs commonly hide not only in mattresses and bedding, but may also be found in other places such as drapery, lamps, and even books or laptops near sleeping areas. Averse to light, many prefer nooks and crannies in the home, particularly close to where you are. In fact, given their preference for humans as a food source, you may be no more than 16 feet away from one at any given time. Fortunately, bed bug sniffing dogs can find even the smallest infestation, down to a single insect or egg, and are trained to conduct a thorough search in order to find all affected areas in the home.

Certified Canine Bed Bug Inspection and Detection Service

Certified by the NACPI (North America Canine Pest Inspectors), our K9 bed bug detection units deliver accurate, unbiased professional services at an affordable price. At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we are proud to provide our customers access to a team of experienced handlers and highly motivated bed bug dogs for hire.

Moving? Ask About Our Inspection Services for Your New Property

Avoid the hassle of discovering an infestation too late. At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we are pleased to offer mobile inspection, canine bed bug detection, and heat treatment services for your new home, before you move in. Protect your possessions, save time and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your next address is bed bug-free.

Southern Ontario and the GTA’s Bed Bug Heat Extermination Specialist

At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we’re your full-service bed bug exterminator, offering mobile services to our valued customers across Greater Toronto, Niagara and the Tri-City Area. Your initial visual home inspection is free when you book our services. Ask about our optional bed bugs dogs detection service available at an additional fee.

Environmentally Friendly Bed Bug Detection and Treatment Services

At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we are committed to providing our customers and their families with superior, eco-friendly services at a fair price. Bed Bug Heat Exterminator employs naturally effective, non-toxic heat without the use of harmful chemicals. The Bed Bug Heat Exterminator heat treatment is designed to kill bed bugs at all life stages, without damaging your property. We invite you to refer to our list of household items, such as temperature-sensitive artwork and musical instruments, which should be removed from the home prior to your bed bug heat treatment here.

By using a bed bug dog service, home owners may avoid misdiagnosing the problem or misusing chemical products which could be hazardous to the environment, or even cause serious illness in humans and their pets. Bed Bug Heat Exterminator is pleased to provide canine detection service and offers a safer, 100% effective one-and-done alternative to chemical sprays.

We respect your right to privacy. At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, our bed bugs dogs detection and heat extermination services are confidential; and, since our equipment is unmarked, discretion is guaranteed.

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If you think that you may have bed bugs in your home, we can help. At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, our heat extermination services are backed by our exclusive 100% guarantee.

We invite our customers to take advantage of available bed bug dogs for hire at affordable rates. Call our friendly and experienced team of licenced exterminators in your area toll-free at 1-647-688-4328 today.