Hamilton Bed Bug Exterminators


No one wants to face a bed bug infestation in their home. It’s inconvenient, unhealthy and potentially embarrassing. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, give Bed Bug Heat Exterminator a call at 647-688-4328 or drop us a note at info@bedbugheatexterminator.com. We’ll be glad to set up an appointment for an inspection and quotation.

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We have built a team of leading local bed bug exterminators and a successful business serving the GTA and surrounding areas. Our experienced and professionally trained team will work carefully in your home to eradicate bed bugs in all stages of their development; eggs, nymphs and adults. We’re proud of our bed bug heat treatment success rate and you’ll be pleased to know that we guarantee our work for 90 days.

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At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we offer a safe, environmentally sound solution to a bed bug infestation. Some local bed bug exterminators use chemicals to rid your home of bed bugs. This method does not kill the eggs and can require several follow up treatments to finish the job. The chemicals other companies use may also be unhealthy and be of concern to people suffering from allergies or other sensitivities.


At Bed Bug Heat Exterminator, we’re proud to afford our valued customers the benefit of an economical, 100% effective treatment against bed bugs and their eggs, as well as an exclusive 90-day guarantee.


Customer service is our top priority. Our trained bed bug exterminators are equipped to deal quickly and effectively with your unique situation with dignity and without compromise. We respect your privacy: we will never sell your information to other companies, and our trucks and equipment are unmarked to ensure complete discretion.