Using Dogs to Detect Bed Bugs

Dogs don’t just make great pets and loyal companions.

Recent studies have shown that dogs can be trained to alert diabetic owners when their blood sugar is low, detect bacterial infections and even sniff out cancer.

That keen sense of smell has also helped some dogs to become bed bug detection experts.

Canine services have been used in bed bug detection since the mid 2000s. Dogs are specially trained for nearly 1000 hours to recognize the scents of live bed bugs and bed bug eggs, as well as cast off skin and feces.

They are then trained and certified with licensed handlers.

The handlers sweep your home, letting the dog sniff in every area. When the dog identifies an area as having bed bugs, the handler confirms with a visual inspection.

Proponents of dog detection argue that inspections can be conducted faster and with higher accuracy than traditional inspections.

Dogs are also highly unlikely to transport and spread bed bugs from room to room or home to home as the bugs have difficulty latching on to their fur.

However, false alerts do happen and all canine teams are different. Make sure you are using a licensed handler and always ensure that a visual follow up is conducted to confirm any canine findings.

While canine teams can help identify bed bugs, they do not cure them.

If you think you have bed bugs, don’t wait! Call the professional bed bug exterminators today!

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