I Have Bed Bugs – Now What?

Maybe you have woken up with itchy bites or seen the red pin-prick stains on your bed sheets. Maybe you have noticed their shells or even seen one crawl along your mattress piping.

You have bed bugs.

Identifying the problem is the first step, but what’s next?

The first step in any bed bug infestation is to contact a bed bug exterminator. By the time most people realize they have bed bugs, the infestation has reached a significant level.

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But bed bug exterminators can’t always come right away, and you may need to sleep in your bed again before it is treated.

First identify the infected areas.

Because bed bugs live near their food source, and the bugs feed on their food sources while they are sleeping, any beds and/or couches in the home should be areas of focus. The area should also include a minimum two foot radius around sleeping areas where bed bugs could also reside, such as cracks in the walls or floors.

Using a flashlight along cracks and crevices in the mattress, wall and floors will help identify infested areas.

The further objects are from the sleeping area, the less likely that they are infected.

Next, decide what needs to be done before the bed bug exterminator comes.

Buying a mattress cover can act as a temporary fix, trapping the bedbugs in the mattress until an exterminator comes in.

Putting sheets and clothing in a dryer for over an hour can also help reduce bed bug exposure prior to a professional addressing the problem.

Pesticides are also an option, though they are best left to professionals. If you do decide to use pesticides on your own, be sure to consult a bed bug exterminator and follow instructions exactly.

Remember that bed bugs are easily spread. If you decide to move or throw out any of your furniture that may be infected, clearly mark and/or destroy it and wrap it meticulously in plastic before transporting it out of the room.

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