Bed Bugs and the Dangers of Pesticides

Misusing pesticides can affect your possessions, your home and most importantly, your loved ones.

If you have a bed bug infestation it is important that you consult a professional bed bug exterminator. The professionals know what they are doing and know how to safely treat your home, eliminating bed bugs and keeping your family safe.

Pesticide dangers are very real.

If you are determined to address your bed bug problem on your own and are intending to use pesticides, it’s extremely important that you do your research and carefully read labels.

Not all pesticides work on all insects. Only products specifically designed to eliminate bed bugs should be used on a bed bug infestation.

One of the most common mistakes do-it-yourself bed bug exterminators make is using pesticides designed for outdoor use inside the home. These pesticides tend to be stronger and can lead to severe health complications from skin contact, fumes and/or ingestion.

It’s also important that instructions are followed exactly to prevent over-application and improper mixing.

Pesticide poisoning can manifest in a number of symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, nausea, numbness, muscles tremors, abdominal pain, chest pain, heart palpitations and vomiting.

Pesticides can be particularly dangerous to infants and children as they tend to put objects in their mouth and touch their faces more often than adults. Homes have been recently treated where surfaces are still wet are especially high-risk.

Pets are also extra susceptible to pesticide poisoning (particularly small pets). Sudden pet illness can be an early warning sign that a pesticide has been over-applied or misused.

Never use products that aren’t recommended by a professional bed bug exterminator or sold over the counter at your local hardware store.

Our bed bug heat treatment addresses your bed bug problem in a single visit. No chemicals, no pesticides, just heat.

Treating a bed bug infestation is challenging. Don’t put you and your family at risk. Consult a professional bed bug exterminator today.

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