More Bed Bug Myths

Here we look at some more common bed bug myths:

Myth: Bed bugs are invisible to the naked eye

False: Bed bugs are very small and are difficult to spot, but they are not invisible. Hatchlings are the size of a poppy seed, while adults grow to about a quarter-inch in length. Bed bugs are easiest to spot under bright light on white or light-coloured bed sheets.

Myth: I can spray bed bugs away

False: Pesticides can be part of a bed bug elimination strategy but will not eliminate the problem on their own. Several bed bug populations have developed resistances to pesticides and it is difficult to reach all of their potential habitats in one application. Remember, if you have a bed bug problem, consult a professional bed bug exterminator!

Myth: Bed bugs only bite in the dark

False: Bed bugs mainly feed in the dark because that is the time most people are sleeping in their beds, where bed bugs reside. However, bed bugs can, and will, bite at any time of day if their food source is close.

Myth: Some people are immune to bed bugs

True: Some people do not get the common red, itching bite marks that bed bugs leave when they feed. This usually means they will be unaware of the infestation until they actually see a bed bug.

Myth: Some countries are bed bug free

False: Some countries claim they do not have bed bugs, but there is really no way of knowing. A bed bug infestation can occur in almost every country and region around the world and are a global pest. When travelling you should always take precautions.

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