4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms

One of the most common ways we can bring bed bugs home is in our travels. Bed bugs can live in hotel rooms or hostels, enter our luggage, and end up in your home. Take precaution and follow these 4 steps on how to inspect hotel rooms for bed bugs when you arrive and how to prevent bringing an infestation home with you.

1 . What to do When you Reach Your Travel Destination

When you arrive at your hotel or resort, leave your luggage in the car or with the bellhop. If neither of these is an option, place your luggage in the bathtub. Should you walk in and find a room teeming with bed bugs, you don’t want your belongings sitting in the midst of the infestation. Bed bugs hide during daylight hours, and they’re quite small, so finding them takes a little work. It’s a good idea to carry a small flashlight when you travel, since bed bugs will likely be hiding in the darkest crevices of the room.

2. Where to Look When Inspecting a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

Start with the bed. Check the linens thoroughly for any signs of bed bugs, especially around any seams, piping, or ruffles. Don’t forget to inspect the dust ruffle, a common hiding place for bed bugs that is often overlooked. Pull back the sheets, and inspect the mattress, again looking carefully at any seams or piping. If there’s a box spring, check for bed bugs there as well. If possible, lift each corner of the mattress and box spring and inspect the bed frame, another popular hiding place for bed bugs.

Continue your inspection by examining any furniture or other items near the bed. The majority of bed bugs live within close proximity to the bed. If you are able, inspect behind the headboard, which is often mounted on the wall in hotel rooms. Also, look behind picture frames and mirrors. Pull out any drawers, using your flashlight to look inside the dresser and nightstand.

3. What Should I Do If I Find Bed Bugs in my Hotel Room?

Go immediately to the front desk and ask for a different room. Tell the management what bed bug evidence you found, and specify that you want a room with no history of bed bug problems. Don’t let them give you a room adjacent to the room where you found bed bugs (including the rooms above or below it), as bed bugs can easily travel through duct work or wall cracks into adjoining rooms. Be sure to repeat your bed bug inspection in the new room as well.

4. Precautions While You’re Staying at the Hotel

Just because you didn’t find any bed bugs, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It’s quite possible your room could still have pests, so take a few extra precautions. Never place your luggage or your clothing on the floor or bed. Store your bags on the luggage rack or on top of a dresser, off the floor. Keep any items not in use sealed in baggies.

Remember: Follow this procedure every time you stay any hotel. Don’t let price or location fool you, even the most expensive hotel is susceptible to bed bug outbreaks.

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