What Happens if I Leave Bed Bugs Untreated?

Leaving bed bugs untreated puts you and your loved ones at unnecessary risk and discomfort.

It’s important to contact a professional bed bug exterminator even if you’re just seeking advice on what course of action to take.

Once you have confirmed that you have bed bugs it is important to treat the infestation as soon as possible.

By the time most people realize they have bed bugs, the infestation is already serious, evidence of just one bed bug is evidence of one too many.

The longer you delay addressing an infestation the greater the risk the infestation will spread throughout your home as well as to your work place or the homes of friends or family.

Leaving bed bugs untreated will exacerbate the problem, as infestations do not die out on their own. With a single bed bug laying as many as 200 eggs in a lifetime, an untreated infestation can grow rapidly.

The larger the infestation, the more susceptible you are to bed bug bites.

While it is traditionally held that bed bugs do not transmit diseases through their bites, they do inject a small amount of saliva into the skin when they feed.

Bed bug saliva contains a mild anesthetic, so people do not feel the bites as they are happening, as well as an anti-coagulant. The longer you are exposed to bed bugs, the more sensitized you become to the bites, which can lead to an allergic response that ranges from mild to intense.

Bed bug bites usually leave red marks, similar to mosquito bites, that last between one to two weeks. The bites can lead to itching, resulting in breaking the skin, which can also lead to secondary infections.

In the event you have several bites, blisters, a skin infection or an allergic reaction, a dermatologist should be consulted.

Bed bugs can also have a significant mental toll on people living in infested homes, including anxiety attacks, bouts with insomnia, loss of energy and exposure to social stigmas.

If you have bed bugs, don’t wait! Call the professionals today!

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